Membership designed for you, not your Insurance Company

Membership designed for you, not your Insurance Company

Taking charge of you and your family's health care is critically important, but should not be overwhelming.

  • No Deductibles-No Copays
  • Relationship Centered Care
  • Personalized Health

We work with different Outside Resources to find you the best prices on medicines, Diagnostic Imaging, Mammograms, and more.

DPC- (Direct Primary Care) is a type of Membership Program that is centered around the patient and not the insurance companies.

For a low monthly fee, you can see the provider unlimited times a month, have certain labs, X-Rays and Ekgs done yearly. With no deductibles, no copays. If you have insurance and have a high deductible or no insurance, this would be perfect for you. Also if you own your own business and want to give some sort of health benefits to your employees, we will work with you on getting this done.

DPC is a primary practice model where the patient pays the Medical Clinic or Medical Provider for medical care instead of going through insurance companies.

We are the only Medical office in Bowie County that is a DPC provider and offers a Membership program!

No more asking Insurance what they want or what is allowed for your care!

Your primary care doctor is your main health care provider in non-emergency situations

The physicians at Exceed Health Clinic:

•Provide preventive care
•Educate individuals on healthy lifestyle choices
•Identify and treat common medical conditions
•Assess the urgency of medical problems

You can count on our family care practice when you need comprehensive medical care for any member of your family.

Schedule an appointment to meet with one of our providers by contacting our office.

Individual Plan

18-64 Years
$110/Month or $1000/Year

Health Evaluation
Evaluation and Treatment Plan, Weight
Management Evaluation, Diabetes, High
Blood Pressure Screenings

*Unlimited Visits
*Blood Type Test
*Annual Comprehensive Labs
*Women's Health(yearly screening pap)
*1-EKG, 2-Chest X-rays (per year)
*Urines(as indicated)
*Diabetes(labs every 3 months are included)
*High Blood Pressure(Labs every 6 months

Family Plan

$300/Month/$3200 Year
2 Adults and 2 Children

Services for the Adults are the services
that are listed in the "Individual Plan"
*Each additional Child-$25/Month
( with the purchase of the Family Plan)

Kids Plan

Separate from Family Plan
Ages 2-17 Years
$50/Month or $500/year

*Well Child Physical
*Physical for UIL (age appropriate)
*12 visits covered a year
*Once a year COVID test
(Physician discretion)

We also offer these Plans for Small Businesses for your employees.

Anyone with Medicare, Medicaid or Government VA Health Plans are not eligible to participate in our Membership Program.